A few mouths ago the Canadian metal band ‘Monogost’ released their first album ‘Fools Gold’ (EP). For me the opportunity to discover how Canadian metal sounds. Because when we hear about new  (metal) bands we always think that they are from Europe, but Canada has also a very nice metal scene. Bands like Annihilator, Devin Townsend Project and Unleash the Archers are well known in Europe.

But when a new band presents an album I always get curious. So let’s see what ‘Monogost’ will bring to us.

‘Fools Gold’ is an EP which has three tracks on it. Now probably you will think only three? Yes only three, but when you look at the tracks you will find out why. The three tracks together are almost 20 minutes of great music. The normal length of an EP.


So the album contains three tracks:

  • I Rise
  • Leave me in your dust
  • Bloody fields

The tracks are all very different, so it’s not easy to say what kind of metal this is. Do they sound like another band? The answer is very easy, no! ‘Monogost’ created it’s very own sound. And that makes this EP so special. Three complete different songs. And when you listen to them several times you discover how great the compositions are. You discover every time you hear the songs something new.

coverart: Mel Sivret

It’s the combination of the instruments, well played by the musicians and the wonderful voice of Melanie Beaulieu. She made the switch from folk to metal. Very remarkable but I think her voice is made for this kind of music. The lyrics are very well done. So listen to the songs with your eyes closed and you know exactly what I mean.



The musicians of ‘Monogost’ are playing in different bands but they all have one passion, metal! And in ‘Monogost’ they do what the like most, making very good metal music. It was a wish come true this EP and they did very well. It’s more than a regular debut album. It’s an album that should be in the collection of every metal fan.

I will give this debut EP a ranking of 90/100. It’s very well done and something new for sure. For me ‘Fools Gold’ feels like ‘Pure Gold’

Monogost is:

  • Melanie Beaulieu (vocals)
  • Andre Saulnier (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and voclas0
  • Eric Gibbs (drums)
  • Norm Robichaud (growling I rise)

Release data : 13 juli 2018

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