FemME Metal Event 2018 (the review)

What can I expect?

For me it was the first time I visited the FemME Metal Event. It was already the fifth edition so a little shame on me. And yes I saw a few of the FemMe Battles, the semi finals and the final. And so I realized this is an event I have to see.

So I bought me a ticket and was curious how it would be. A lot of people told me already it was the event of the year but I wanted to see and hear it by myself. So this review is mine opinion. You may have a complete other opinion about the event and that’s alright with me. But I hope you liked it as much as I did.


The event started on Thursday 11th October at Altstadt (Eindhoven). The nice pub/venue is in the middle of the most crowded part of the city. With a lot of pubs it’s always a place where people go to party. And I think that’s why they had the Pre-Party at Altstadt (but I’m only guessing). This evening there are four bands that will play for us. For one of them it was also the release party of their latest album and for one of them the release of their album in the Netherlands.

Phantom Elite was the first band on stage. This Dutch/Brazilian band is always a pleasure to see and hear. With frontwomen Marina La Torraca they did very well. I saw them for the first time almost one year ago and they get better and better. The second band was Ann my Guard. For me one of the discoveries of the event. I will tell more about them and their new album ‘Moira’ on my website within a few days.

DSC_0019 DSC_0042

Phantom Elite                                            Ann my Guard

Caterina Nix from was a nice performance but not my kind of music. She has a wonderful voice and a great performance and the audience liked it very much. So I think it was the right choice to bring her to the festival, unfortunately not for me. But that’s so nice about these events, there is something to see and hear for everyone.

DSC_0175 DSC_0263

Caterina Nix                                                              Hell City

The last band this evening is Hell City from Belgium. And what a band this is. Fast and loud I would say and very nice to see them on stage. Belgium dynamite with a lot of energy. And just my kind of music.

And so the Pre-Party ended. And I must say it’s a great way to start the event. I’m happy so far and just curious about the other days.


The next two days the event went to Dynamo, also in the middle of Eindhoven. It is almost impossible to tell you about all the bands that had played those two days. I will tell you about some highlights (I’m sorry, highlights for me). Dynamo has two stages so there was music for 14.30 till 23.00, for two days. Sometimes that felt a bit difficult because when I wanted to see as much as possible but I also had to eat and drink. And there were also signing session. So if you wanted to talk to a band, take a picture or something like that you had to make a difficult decision. But it was great we had the opportunity to do so.

DSC_0021 DSC_0072

Hydra                                                                    Souldrinker

The first band I saw was Hydra. It was a nice start but not quit what I expected and I can’t tell you why. Sounds stupid maybe but that’s just the way It was. I had much fun with Souldrinker. What a band that is. Just old school hard rock. The kind of music we called metal when I was young. And what a nice people.


Mir zur Feier

Mir Zur Feier and Sounds of September were the two bands that won the FemME battles this year. And the reward was a performance at this event and recording an EP given to them by Painted Bass Records. For me it felt like seeing friends again. And the last band of the Friday was Asrai. Four lovely young ladies making music together for almost 30 years. And they still rock!

DSC_0104 DSC_0234

Sounds of September                                            Asrai

The second day at Dynamo was the day I saw my Italian friends again, Secret Rule. One of the bands had cancelled their performance at the event so they had to find another band, Secret Rule. And it was a good choice. They give us a big party that evening. And after the show there was time for a little talk and some pictures. And so I almost saw nothing of the gig of Beyond the Black. But sometimes you have to choose. But I saw Cellar Darling. And for me that was alright. With songs as Avalon and Black Moon I’m very happy.

DSC_0276 DSC_0346

Secret Rule                                                    Cellar Darling

And it was great to see also that two Dutch bands signed a record contract with Painted Bass Record, Autumn and Vetrar Draugurinn. They both will release a new album soon.


Vetrar Draugurinn tekent contract met Painted Bass Records

An acoustic session at Popei

The fourth and last day of the event took place at Popei (also Eindhoven). They had to move to this venue because of another great event with took place, Eindhoven marathon.

DSC_0080 DSC_0142

Leecher                                                                    Ann my Guard

This last day was something complete different. Four bands in an acoustic setting. So no more heavy guitars and bass but just ‘easy listening’. The for bands/artists that performed were Leecher, Ann my Guard (again), Lesoir and Marcela Bovio.

DSC_0161 DSC_0257

Lesoir                                                                     Marcela Bovio

It was maybe the best of the four days. I enjoyed this acoustic session a lot. And I was not the only one.  People were impressed by what they hear. It was quiet inside, very quiet. No ‘Dutch disease’ this time. People just enjoying the music. And it was heavy because this music goes right through your soul. It was beautiful.

Next year

And so a great event got to an end. And what about next year? Well next year there will be a FemME Metal Event again. Not in Eindhoven but at The Box, Hilvarenbeek. It will be a little smaller but the most important thing is, there will be an event again. And I’m very happy with that.


My first FemME Metal Event

It was great to be there. It was great to hear and see so many good bands and the opportunity to listen to good music.

But for me it was much more. I’ve meet lovely people, people with the same passion for music. People who like you for who you are. I made some new friends and that’s great. Music connect people and at FemME that’s for sure.

I saw a great organization. Hard working people that did a great job to give us four wonderful days. Thank you very much for this. And I hope to see you all again next year.


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