Over Wide Spaces – Concordea

‘Over Wide Spaces’ is the first full-length album released by the Russian band ‘Concordea’. This band describes their music as ‘balanced between power and progressive metal’. And that’s the kind of music you can hear on this album. They told me that they are influenced by bands as ‘Rhapsody’, ‘Sonata Arctica’, ‘Nightwish’ and ‘Dream Theatre’. But listening to this album I heard some influences that reminds me of ‘Serenity’, ‘Powerwolf’ and ‘Dragon Force’. But when you are playing power- / progressive metal it’s not strange I think.

The album is released 27th may 2017 and contains 10 tracks. All lyrics are by Daria Domovik and the music by Alexey Turetskov and Daria Domovik. They released this album by their own (independent label).

This is what they say about their album:

When we have to describe the album (Over Wide Spaces) I always say “heavy guitar riffs, beautiful melodies sang by an expressive high male voice, various keys, a power metal rhythm, romantic lyrics and a light touch of progressive metal.


The album starts with ‘Breathe new life’. This is an instrumental start of the album. I don’t know why all the bands nowadays start their album with an instrumental track. But it’s alright with me. It’s a short track and the following one ‘Wings Motion’ is the track I’m waiting for. This track is ‘Concordea’. Heavy riffs and a very nice metal rhythm.

This heavy riffs, together with various keys we can hear also in the tracks ‘Confession of my Pride’, ‘Between two worlds’ and ‘Rejected and Avowed’.

The track ‘When they want you to Die’ is for me the most “popular” track of this album. And of course contains the album a ballad, ‘Portrait’, which shows the variety of this band.

Most remarkable track is the last one, ‘The Unknow’. Starting very slowly but with a very powerful end.

I don’t know very much about Russian bands but this album of ‘Concordea’ sounds very, very nice. They show with this album that they are more than a ‘common band’. The music sounds great and the lyrics are telling a story to the listeners. And all the songs are very well done and the high male voice is just what this give this band their own sound.

I will give a rating of 85/100.

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