My Propane and MaYaN Dynamo Eindhoven


Sorry for the late review!

Maybe you think I  forgot to write about the concert of ‘My Propane’ and ‘MaYaN’ the 9th February in Dynamo Eindhoven. And the answer to that question is simple, no! But I had a lot of other things to do, and some concert made such an impression that you can write the review a year later, I think. So, don’t worry, I will tell you all about is. But as always, it’s my story.

Three times

And the story begins somewhere November 2018, I think. I read that the bands ‘My Propane’ and ‘MaYaN’ were having a concert in Eindhoven. And Eindhoven is not so far away from where I live so……. But I can tell you that was not the main reason I bought me a ticket. It was the bands that made me do this. I saw ‘MaYaN’ already twice that year (Doornroosje Nijmegen and De Helling Utrecht) and I was impressed. So, no doubt, I wanted to see them again.

On a windy Saturday

So, on a very cold and windy Saturday evening I went to Dynamo Eindhoven. And what a nice venue that is. You don’t have to wait outsite in the cold until the doors are open. Insite I met some friends, so the waiting was very comfortable.

My Propane

At 20.20 hours ‘My Propane’ was the first band on stage. For me the first time I saw them. And yes, I had listened to them on YouTube but as you all know, live is always a bit different. So, I was curious, and I must say I liked them very much.

1    2

This Dutch alternative metal band was a nice surprise. I think it’s always a bit difficult when a band uses the word alternative. It has a lot of meanings. But they have the right one (lol). With frontman Valerio Recenti they did very well. They had just released a new album called “Antidote”. And when I tell you that the album is produced by Joost van den Broek and mastered by Jacob Hansen, you can be sure that it’s a great album. I was impressed and I will see them again for sure.

3    4


‘MaYaN’ time. Or not? I believe 15 minutes earlier then they told us by program ‘MaYaN’ entered the stage. And it’s always the question, which members are on stage. Are they all there or are some of the members playing elsewhere with their band(s). But they were all there, I think.

5    6

The MaYaN part

‘MaYaN’ did a very special gig that evening. The first part, I will call it the ‘MaYaN’ part, they did songs from the ‘MaYaN’ albums (I think that’s the best way to explain it). They also released a new album, called “Dhyana”. So of course, they played some tracks from this album. For example, ‘The Rhythm of Freedom’, ‘Saints don’t Die’, ‘Maya’ and of course ‘Dhyana’. But they did also some older ones.

7    8

The classical part

After a short break there was a second show. And now they did songs from bands they were playing in. So, we all enjoyed songs from previous bands as ‘Orphanage’, ‘After Forever’, ‘Stream of Passion’ and ‘Epica’. And this was awesome. These guys can sing everything. It really was a party to hear them. And the audience liked it very much. How do I know? By most concerts there’s always someone who shouts ‘Slayer’. But now I only heard one person  scream “Eindhoven”.


Thank you guys!

And when it was already midnight the show was over. And that’s something that made me think. The evening started at 20.20 hour and went on until midnight. And with two bands who were fanatic, had joy on stage and they had a lot of attention for their audience. I really enjoy shows like this. You can see that the bands on stage are there to please the audience. They have joy with each other, and the audience loves it. So, thank you for that!

10    11

Something to think about

And then I went home. Radio on and in the 15 minutes I need to drive home I hear two times a commercial about an older musician who is coming to Holland. You must pay a lot of money to go there, its outside so maybe it’s raining and I’m sure he is not as much motivated as the bands I saw this evening. And that’s why I like bands as ‘My Propane’ and ‘MaYaN’……… comes from the heart and has to make people happy. And not only the artist.

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