Eight Lives Down FemME 2020


Eight Lives Down is a band we already know and not new for FemME. The are the winners (by jury) of the ‘German’ FemME Battle’ and so we saw them last year also in the finals of the FemME Battles in Hilvarenbeek. And now we will see them again.

DSC_0111    DSC_0128

The band is established in 2016 and play metal. When I asked them last year if they could describe the kind of music they made, they answer was short: “Noise! Seriously, we don’t know. We play metal, that much is certain. We’ll leave it to you guys to fight over the genre question

Eight Lives Down:

Rodrigo Moraes Cruz – drums

Paul Allain – guitars

Marcin Orczyk – bass

Aliki Katriou – vocals

e1    DSC_0121

This is what the band told us about FemME:

“It’s a great idea and the organizers take a lot of care and are very nice to the bands. I’ve only ever heard good things about the competition and the festival itself. Taking part in the competition was a great experience, the atmosphere was very friendly and familiar but still professional. Ton and his team are doing a superb job in finding the balance between professionalism and friendliness”.

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