Spice, Gold and Tales Untold Ana Patan

Maybe you can remember it, a few years ago I had a long interview with the lovely Ana Patan. We talked about her life as a musician, her music and her songs. I still remember we talked about her album she was working on. I discovered a serious and concerned musician, but also a funny person.

Ana who was born in Romania, lived for a long time in Berlin and has now a nice house in Sweden in the middle of a great forest among lots of animals. And that’s what she likes. Nature and human welfare is something what’s always on her mind. And you can hear it in some of her songs.

And here she is again, with her new album ‘Spice, Gold and Tales Untold’. A great album with ten lovely songs. And it was not easy for her to select the songs. But I think she ‘s made the right choice. The album has a lot of different styles, so there always a song you will like. But I’m sure you will love all the songs.

Every song has a message. Ana has to tell us a lot. So pay attention to the lyrics. Curious already? So let’s see what Ana has to tell us about a few of her songs.

You can find the album here: https://anapatan.bandcamp.com/album/spice-gold-and-tales-untold

General Conspiracy and The Human’, are strong in groove and message, with intellectual understatements of delicious, cheeky and somewhat self-deprecating humor.

Colors on Hormones’is about Hong Kong, a place so unusual for me, so paradoxical and full of life and color that it put my imagination under a strong mark. Impressions from a luxuriant, jungle-like park of orchids in bloom, with colorful parrots of all sorts, of a concert hall with a massive white piano, and of a hotel room on floor 43 or so, mixed up in my mind to make me question my sense of reality. Especially at night the city was so full of color, in the sharpest, boldest shades of the entire rainbow. It felt surreal, both pleasant and scary, both empowering and intimidating, and by the end of my first visit there, this song, all set up with lyrics and rhythms, was already forming in my ears.


On the album Ana plays the guitar and is doing all the vocals. On drums we hear Zoltan Csörsz and on bass three of world’s best; Jonas Hellberg, Jonathan Herrera and last but not least Devin Townsend.

I’ve been listening to the album several times now and yes, I love it. I has parts of pop, jazz and rock and with the great lyrics it’s more than just music. It’s the story of a wonderful woman, Ana Patan.


  1. Undeciphered
  2. General Conspiracy
  3. Trivialize Love
  4. The Human
  5. Pure and Plain
  6. Soarele Meu
  7. 21st Century Citizen
  8. Hot Hot
  9. How Could We Love Before
  10. Colores on Hormones





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