VNTER Felice


VNTER logoNovember 29,  Swedish Arena-Rock band VNTER release their new single called ”Felice”. VNTER has released five singles this year and now ”Felice” is here to steal the spotlight.

felice cover

VNTER was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in November 2017. Since then, VNTER has released two singles which lead to a handful of radio shows, magazine interviews, podcasts and live shows.

A new album with thirteen songs has been recorded. The plan is to release one song a month for thirteen months, that way VNTER is constantly up to date with new music for over one year straight.

serp 2
(picture: Mikael Nygren)


Andy – Lead vocals, guitar

Mathias – Lead guitar, backup vocals

Claes – Bass, backup vocals

Anton R  – Drums



VNTER logo

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