MILICIA, very heavy metal from Mexico

Heavy metal is more than only music……it’s the perfect excuse to break with the established order. That’s the way of life told us by the Mexican band Milicia. They released their album ‘Devastation’. So if you are a fan of very heavy metal this is the opportunity to learn more about the band and their music.

I had the opportunity to ask the guys some questions. And if you want to listen to their music:  or

look them up on Spotify.

Here is the interview:

First of all, can you introduce yourselves. It’s always nice to know who are in the band, musical backgrounds, instruments etc.

: Hi we are happy to be here, thanks for the interview and thanks to killsound productions for make this possible.

 We are Milicia a band from León, Guanajuato, México born in 2005.

 Milicia is:

Luis Enrique Torres(Kike) in the vocals

Francisco (Paco) guitar and choirs

Álvaro in the bass and choirs 

Are you professional musicians or do you have other jobs also?

Álvaro: We all have other jobs but also we have previous musical knowledge and we try to continue learn more and more, everyday.

Can you tell me something about the name of your band?

Paco: of course, the name of the band talk about  group of persons that joins for a common goal ready for battle, every time supporting each other’s…every time more powerful.

The band started as a cover band I read in the press kit. Which bands/songs did you cover?

Álvaro: Was a lot of covers, like: The Trooper, Transylvania and phantom of the opera- Iron Maiden, Master of puppets of Metallica, a few songs  of Pantera, Gamma Ray and Helloween songs… for name some of the bands.

(Picture: presskit Milicia)

I read also that you call your music “eclectic” ? This is something complete new for me (and I think for lots of people also). Can you explain what this is and in which way it’s different from other music styles.

: it was not our choice to call our music “eclectic“, some people start calling like that due we are kind of mixing our own taste of music for example: Alvaro is more like progressive metal, Kike is more like old school metal and from my side I like more like melodic death metal so, we tried to make a mix for cover all our preferences, we cannot define our music in one single category so everyone can catalog us as their desire.

We are okay with that, the fact is that we love what we do …we love to do metal music without taking vary too much about the sub-genre. I hope everyone enjoy our music.

You are releasing your first album. What can you tell us about this album? What can we expect? 

Álvaro: All the songs are inspired in different things and situations. We compose every song with careful and passion.  

You can expect a lot of badass guitar and bass riffs, guitar and bass solos, headbanging parts and others where you really will want to destroy everything… Yeah, a really peaceful album(sarcasm).

How many songs are there on the new album?

Álvaro: There are 10 powerful songs to hear it with different atmospheres and styles.

(Picture:presskit Milicia)

Who is responsible for the music and the lyrics?

: everyone has a big collaboration on each song. Sometimes Kike even if he does not play an instrument provides ideas about some riffs.  Alvaro and I provide some lyrics also.  That is why we have been working strong and solid to provide this material to all of you guys.

Because everyone in the band be involved in the composition of our music. 

Is your music inspired by other bands? And yes, which bands?

: Actually all the songs are inspired in our influences like Maiden, Testament, Exodus, Belphegor, Behemoth, Nirvana and many others.

What can you tell us about the title of the album?

: we  decide that title of the album due it is natural to live in a chaotic world, everything is chaos and we need to face it, sometimes alone, sometimes with our family and friends. It is a hard world, even the mind is a chaotic place to live so we need to realize it and face it, it doesn’t matter how but we need to be strong.

In lots of new albums bands try to tell us a story or the whole album is a kind of story. Is there a story you’re telling us or is it an album with songs that tell different stories or just separate songs. 

: Those are separated songs but converges in to a same meaning as madness, chaos, insanity, revenge, etc…once that we realize that the world is full-filled with that sense they we can find someone and face it together …this is the way of metal about never surrender and keep going…even if you are bleeding you need to keep going…if you want to cry then cry but never stop…keep going

How is it to play in a metal band? Are there much ‘metalheads’ in your country, and is it easy to find venues to play?

: the metal scene in Mexico is growing a fortunately, so we can find good spots all around here. We can say that we are separated but the music joins us…all of us together can make the difference 

(Picture: presskit Milicia)

What are the future plans?

: we are close to start next year, touring  around Mexico,  first with a very close friend of us that is interested also to share his own music.

Of course we will love to be outside the country to show our music but we want to go one step at the time. Our target is also to keep going with new songs so please be patient for the  second release, we will start soon.

Where can people find the album or is there even an opportunity to buy it?

: We are now  in lot of music sites, here.  I leave the link of Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and more platforms where you can find us.

And like I told you, please write more information if there is and you want to share with us!!!!  

Follow us please!!! 


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